Friday, March 25, 2011

Sucker punch

Lemme start off by saying sucker punch is bad... now that we have cleared that up. Let's get onto why.

I'm not going to talk physics, mostly because I'm nog versed in it and its stupid to bring that into an arguement about a science fiction movie.

The basic plot involves a girl about to under go a lobomitie. I know that's spelt wrong but I'm not in the mood to google it. Suffice to say that its an opperation where by removing or damaging some brain you lose emotion. And then flashes to a burelsque house and shows that lives of some orphins and the while being sold and such. When then lern by dancing our main character learns of her quest through action hallucinations. It's a lot like Emile Autums book except not a book and far less interesting.

Our first problem is the lack of any real character devlopment. Because of that I found the not action scenes boring. This followed by over the top action reminessnent of devil may cry seemed a terrible contrast.

The only other note worthy point other then the ending is some john woo strle crows after a finishing move I just found out of place. And well I won't spoil the ending on account of people that might actually be interested in the story other then the fact that it leaves a good deal of plot holes that could have otherwise have been avoided.

Also the girl next to me kept saying nerdgasum like the movie had any sort of nerd counter culture in it.


  1. Thanks for the heads up, but I'm still going to watch it :P

  2. yeah I am definitely going to dodge the bullet on this one and avoid this movie, thanks

  3. You should have kindly asked the girl next to you to shut her face less you break her jaw.