Monday, February 14, 2011

Gnomio and Juliet

Gnomio and Juliet is the age old tale of Romeo and Juliet told from the perspective of lawn gnomes. though quite simple put, other then the fact that the female lead is named Juliet and the main characters name sounds kinda like Romeo there are almost no similarities to the Shakespeare play.

That's not entirely true. it opens with about the first 3 lines of the Opening monologue. then decides its boring and goes to 2 identical town homes, one being blue and the other being red. That is about when the similarities end. The movie itself is missing about half of its main characters. The Montague Father, the Capulet mother, merquico, or however you spell it. Benvolio is only referred to as Benny and isn't even killed, he only gets his hat removed. Basically any character not part of the 2 houses is removed.

The Characters don't even meet at a party, shes on a journey for a flower and he is just around.

Romeo fakes his death instead of being exiled and goes to talk to a statue of Shakespeare who reveals the plot.

THEY USE A GIANT TRACTOR TO START A WAR. and to top it all off in the end, everyone survives, even Tybalt get glued back together. Then they go on being purple.

On the lighter side the movie is littered with puns and half adult humor, lighter then Shrek but still noticeable. and the 3d was well done, not overly dramatic like they like to do.

in all serousness, stay with the Leonardo DiCaprio version. or if your looking for a spoof, Tales for the 1337 does a pretty good job of that and hamlet. 


  1. Movies look good, should be quite funny!

  2. I am seeing this on Sunday, I am pretty exciting actually. The ozzy character seems like a crack up!

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