Wednesday, February 9, 2011


I decided on a new hook for my movie reviews, im drunk.

today I'm reviewing Sanctum This is the James Cameron Movie about caves. Now its not directed by James Cameron, it does however use his cameras so the movie itself is...pretty. the movie is generally uninteresting, it focuses on this group of spelunkers mapping out this cave in papa new guinea. its got this lovely father son bonding thing.

like most movies about such ideas, everyone dies, except for this main character, this snot nosed kid who doesn't really care about his father till he dies.

the only real part that bothered me during the movie was the female lead. she is dating the financier of the expedition and as such seems to be privileged. there is a scene where after this storm traps them in the cave that she need to put on the wetsuit because is fucking cold in the cave and she will die of hypothermia if she dosn't use it, her arguement for not doing it is because someone died in it, "id rather be cold and alive then warm and dead" as if the wetsuit is the reason this girl is dead. then later shes like "i wish i had that wetsuit" well yeah, thats why the expert diver told you to use it.

ether way, she dies because she got her hair caught in the rope, this pro climber, someone who the other guy met on Everest, GOT HER HAIR CAUGHT IN THE LINE. and when she cuts herself free she takes like 2 re breathers with her. this causes her boyfriend to go insane because the expect cave diver is more interested in living then mourning the dead.

the movie is predectable and while i got interested i was never really concerned for any of the characters nor did i really care about what seems like a "who can have the most dramatic dead" competition.

at least it was pretty, or something, it was stupid. and I'm not fixing all those lowercase I's firefox should learn to auto capitalize. and suggest fucking when i type it wrong.

seriously though, if you like caves you should probably see this movie, if you like movies don't.


  1. Don't drink and blog!

    I love caves, but I'm afraid that this movie will be horrible.

  2. I think... this is by far the best thing I've ever read. Keep drunk blogging lol. Sounded like such a good movie too...

  3. Santcum just looks terrible, just terrible.

    No amount of reviews will change that, regardless of how drunk you are.

  4. Haha, my favorite cave movie is still probably the descent. Fun British horror stuff.