Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Kicking things off, The Expendables.

I decided I would make my first review about a movie that I sure more people will have seen. The Expendable.

Now, I am not going to pretend that I watched this movie in the best setting. Considering that i was sitting about 20ft away from a 32in LCD TV. I was only able to grab the larger aspects of the 80's action star packed movie.

If you're looking to kick back and have a fun action movie this is probably the best fro 2010. the plot is simple and nothing really extraordinary happens to any of the characters through the movie in a character development sense. Acting on on par with what you would expect from actors like Stallone and Statham. It is directed by Stallone as well which is apparent.

The movie itself doesn't really slow down. action shots encompass most of the movie and generally switch between someone shooting a gun and something blowing up or someone getting shot.

I wont call it a bad movie because it shouldn't be classified like that. It is above all things a fun movie. I'd drink before watching it again though.


  1. It would be a better movie if i could understand the actors through all the plastic surgery! hhaa

  2. Can you tell the plot in one or two sentences?

  3. ahh I thought the same thing about the movie, but i mean its a good way to blow a couple hours if you are bored

  4. @jason. its an action movie with big 80's actors i assumed the plot did not matter.

  5. So basically:

  6. i thought the movie was pretty good. kind of cheesy, but still ok. they seems invulnerable which was kind of gay